As part of the Alliance for Peacebuilding’s PeaceCon 2023, XCEPT are part of a panel event. This panel event will present findings from research conducted by Conciliation Resources and the Institute of Development Studies as part of the XCEPT research programme.

Focusing on migratory routes in both East and West Africa, XCEPT is shedding light on changes in cross-border pastoral movements in Africa as a result of environmental and other pressures, and highlighting the implications for peace and security to inform local and regional peacebuilding approaches. The panellists and audience will work together through some of the implications of the research for peacebuilding practice and policy, including relationships that need to be created or bolstered, the main pressures or obstacles that peacebuilders can help mitigate, and how to ensure the generation of better evidence on the intersection of pastoralism, climate change and conflict.

Virtual Event

4 May 2023, 16:00 – 17:00 (BST)


  • Aden Abdi is the Africa Department Director at Conciliation Resources.


  • Janet Adama Mohammed is the Programme Director West Africa at Conciliation Resources. She leads their peacebuilding work across West Africa, working with groups often excluded from formal peace processes including women and young people. She has more than 25 years’ experience of work on governance, peace and security issues in the region. She has extensive experience working with local communities, security agencies, and government structures at national and decentralized levels. She has also influenced several peacebuilding and policy dialogues in the region.
  • Dr. Patta Scott-Villiers is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies, at the University of Sussex in UK, and she holds a PhD from the University of Bath. She is a political anthropologist whose research interests focus on the political struggles of pastoralists and other people on the margins. She is an expert in action research methodologies, facilitating research that helps resolve local problems that connects the local and the global.
  • Umar Abdullahi Eggi is an XCEPT Researcher who specialises in pastoralism, conflict, peacebuilding, and biodiversity conservation in Nigeria. He grew up in a nomadic family in Taraba State, northeast Nigeria, and after early education in nomadic schools he moved to Jos, Plateau State. He holds a national diploma from the Federal College of Forestry, Jos, and a degree in psychology from the University of Jos. He has extensive fieldwork experience in Nigeria, Niger, and Cameroon and deep knowledge of pastoral societies and cultures and of rural areas in central and northern Nigeria. Eggi has also carried out fieldwork for the EU on banditry in north-west Nigeria, has worked for the Yusufu Bala Usman Institute on land-grabbing, and for Africa Nature Investors, a conservation NGO.