XCEPT will be presenting on several panels at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) 2023 Forum on Peace and Development at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm.

On the theme ‘Seeking Solutions for Turbulent Times’, the Forum aims to tackle a complex reality. Apart from the full-scale war in Ukraine, there is armed conflict in 55 other countries. Geopolitical tensions are intensifying both at the global level and in key regions such as the Gulf. In addition, the pressures of climate change are increasing and the food insecurity crisis sharpening. The protracted recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic is adding to persisting development dilemmas. Unsurprisingly, global governance is faltering under the burdens placed on it. 

This raises many questions: How does peacebuilding need to change in these turbulent times? What challenges and opportunities for reconstruction, peacebuilding and international cooperation lie ahead considering the changed peace and security landscape triggered by the war in Ukraine? 

To inform ways forward for peacebuilding and stabilisation around the world, including future reconstruction efforts in Ukraine, the 2023 Forum will explore lessons and experiences from past and ongoing peacebuilding, stabilisation and statebuilding efforts and identify gaps where new innovative approaches are needed and what these could entail; highlight interlinkages between different crises to tackle them more effectively; consider how investments in war-to-peace transitions can factor in green transition measures; and examine modalities of international cooperation in the context of future stabilization and reconstruction efforts. 

The Forum invites participants to pose tough questions and develop innovative solutions. 

Forum sessions include a combination of policy debates, roundtables, workshops and fireside chats. The Forum will work with partners to create an environment for about 200 invited participants that focuses on personal meetings and genuine exchange under the Chatham House rule.