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1st August 2023
By monitoring corrupt cross-border trading, international organizations can begin to understand the performance of Afghanistan’s economy.


20th July 2022
As part of the Cross-Border Conflict Evidence, Policy and Trends (XCEPT) program, the X-Border Local Research Network held a report launch event to ex...

Briefing paper

15th March 2022
This briefing paper builds on an empirical study of how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the health, economic status, and mobility of wage laborers and ...


3rd December 2021
Haroun Rahimi, from the American University of Afghanistan, explores the multidirectional impact that the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan has had on...

Research report

1st March 2021
This report by Verso Consulting unpacks the complexity of Pakistan’s border dynamics with Afghanistan by focusing research activity on three key bo...

Research report

20th November 2020
This report, prepared by the Afghan Center for Socio-Economic and Opinion Research (ACSOR), conveys findings through a qualitative analysis to unders...


22nd January 2020
In Games without Rules, author and former Asia Foundation colleague Tamim Ansary argues that bringing rural Afghanistan under centralized rule has bee...

Research report

30th August 2019
A study of the importance of cross-border trade for livelihoods and the economy of border districts.


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