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XCEPT Research Fund

The XCEPT Research Fund enables local and international researchers and research organisations to develop evidence on conflict and peace.

The XCEPT Research Fund provides opportunities for individual researchers and research organisations or institutions to conduct innovative research on how conflicts connect across borders, and how to improve responses to conflict. The Fund supports activities across different areas:

  • Conflict response, examining how to break the confines of state-centric policy and planning to better address the transnational dimensions of conflict.
  • Emerging issues and geographies, with research focusing on priority issues and geographies, including gender and social inclusion.
  • Satellite imagery/data procurement and analysis, working with our partner Satellite Applications Catapult.
  • Data fusion technology and innovative research methods, to bring new ways of working to conflict research.
  • Responsive research, focused on rapid delivery, policy-relevant research that responds to crises.
  • Core partner support, qualitative and quantitative field data collection to support research by XCEPT core partners Chatham House and Conciliation Resources.

Through the Fund, we aim to support local research networks through partnerships, capacity building and formal grants to ensure that our research is rooted in local expertise and insight.


Open Tenders


Call for Expressions of Interest: Research on women and girl...

XCEPT is commissioning research on how the transnational dimensions of conflict interact with issues related to women and girls.

Ongoing and completed fund awards


Tailoring climate response strategies in conflict settings

How should climate response strategies be customised for local conditions in conflict settings?


Exploring international efforts to reduce organised violence

This research uses AI to explore what works and what does not work in international efforts to reduce organised violence in conflicts.


Testing the effectiveness of UN peace support operations    ...

This research uses data to explore links between multilateral interventions and de-escalation of cross-border conflict.


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