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Talip Al-Khayer

Doctoral Researcher

University of Bath

Expert in Political Science and Conflict Studies, Talip Al-Khayer, brings cutting-edge insights to the field through his research on violent extremist rhetoric. With a PhD from the University of Bath and a background in law, Talip has a unique perspective on the Syrian conflict and the role of identity in it. His extensive use of Machine Learning Natural Language Processing has resulted in a successful analysis of the corpus of ISIS’s magazine “Al-Naba”. As a research lead for the University of Vienna’s KnowWar project, Talip is dedicated to critically examining the role of identity in the Syrian conflict and providing valuable insights through his research.

Talip’s most recent publications include “Fighting Against Violent Extremism in Iraq: A More Inclusive Democratic Approach” is a Policy Innovation Case Study 11, published by the MENASP Network. This publication focuses on the importance of a more inclusive democratic approach in fighting against violent extremism in Iraq.

“Fragmentation and Grievances as Fuel for Violent Extremism: The Case of Abu Musa’ab Al-Zarqawi” is an article published in the Journal of Social Sciences. This publication examines the relationship between fragmentation and grievances and how they serve as fuel for violent extremism. The article specifically focuses on the case of Abu Musa’ab Al-Zarqawi and provides an in-depth analysis of his rhetoric and its impact on violent extremism.


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