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Timo Kivimäki

Professor of International Relations

University of Bath

Timo Kivimäki is Professor of International Relations at the University of Bath (UK) and Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Sejong Institute (Seoul, Republic of Korea). Previously he has held professorships at the University of Helsinki, University of Lapland, and at the University of Copenhagen. Professor Kivimäki has also been director of the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies (Copenhagen) and the Institute of Development Studies of the University of Helsinki.

Prof. Kivimäki has been consulting various UN and EU organisations and 11 governments on conflict and terrorism prevention. He was an adviser in the conflict resolution project in Indonesia’s Aceh that won Finland’s former president, Martti Ahtisaari his Nobel Peace Prize, and he launched the West Kalimantan peace process that he then moved to the office of the vice president of Indonesia.

In his two latest books Protecting the Global Civilian from Violence: UN Discourses and Practices in Fragile States (London, Routledge 2021) and Failure to Protect. The Path to and Consequences of Humanitarian Interventionism (Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2019) Professor Kivimäki revealed that UN’s respect for local solutions, interest in facilitating dialogue rather than enforcement of its own solutions, and the focus on the poverty-related threats to human security have all been associated with the reduction of fatalities of organized violence and the strengthening of state’s ability to regulate political and economic competition and contain violence.

Kivimäki’s recent articles on peace and conflict topics were published in the Chinese Journal of International Relations, Pacific Focus, the Pacific Review, Social Sciences, Journal of Refugee Studies, Global Society, Journal of International Peacekeeping, International Relations of the Asia Pacific, Journal of Peace Research, Asian International Studies Review, Journal of International Peacekeeping, Journal of International Relations and Development, Asian Security and the Middle East Policy.


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