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Institute of Development Studies

The Institute of Development Studies (IDS) delivers world-class research, learning, and teaching that transforms the knowledge, action, and leadership needed for more equitable and sustainable development globally. Through equitable and sustainable partnerships, IDS work with governments, philanthropic foundations, non-governmental organisations, academics and civil society to transform approaches to progressive social, political, and economic change in ways that ultimately make a difference to people’s lives.

Our research


6th June 2024
XCEPT Research Fellow Patta Scott-Villiers considers what counts as ‘good evidence’ within the context of war, peace and instability, and explores met...

Briefing paper

5th January 2024
This new policy briefing summarises research led by communities on the Uganda–Kenya border.

Research report

11th October 2023
Community-led research from the Uganda / Kenya border helps explain why pastoralists in Turkana and Karamoja continue to carry guns. It argues for a n...


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