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Horn of Africa and the Sahel



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15th July 2024
Researchers working in borderland regions of Asia, the Middle East and Africa share their experiences and approaches to conducting fieldwork.


29th April 2024
Researchers from across the Local Research Network gathered in Bangkok for a workshop hosted by The Asia Foundation.

Event report

15th July 2024
Researchers from across the Local Research Network gathered in Bangkok for a workshop hosted by The Asia Foundation.

Research report

26th June 2024
Women who engage in cross-border trade in conflict play crucial social and economic roles in their families and communities: this paper examines how t...


19th June 2024
South Sudan may be the youngest country in the world, but it’s already undergone a huge amount of violence – and the ongoing civil war in Sudan looks ...


6th June 2024
XCEPT Research Fellow Patta Scott-Villiers considers what counts as ‘good evidence’ within the context of war, peace and instability, and explores met...

Research report

16th May 2024
In their latest report, Conciliation Resources argue that locally based understanding of the roots and manifestations of violence, and of the foundati...

Research report

30th April 2024
This XCEPT research paper from Chatham House explores how the sector has become entangled in local and transnational conflict, and how policymakers ne...

Research report

23rd April 2024
New research by Bodhi Global Analysis examines the gendered dimensions of the climate-conflict nexus in two cross-border conflict systems: the Mandera...


22nd April 2024
The impacts of protracted conflict and climate change are felt more keenly in East Africa than almost anywhere else in the world. This means that inte...

Research report

19th April 2024
A new report by Rift Valley Institute explores the impact of the devastating war in Sudan on the country’s neighbours.

Briefing paper

26th March 2024
This policy brief by Bodhi Global Analysis presents key findings and policy implications of research on the gendered dimensions of the climate-conflic...


21st March 2024
How does regional conflict spanning Libya to Nigeria create corridors of connection for migration?


20th March 2024
In the latest podcast episode from XCEPT, Chatham House researchers and guests discuss recent XCEPT research which reveals gold’s connection to the cu...


20th March 2024
After many months of overwhelming, violent conflict, a ceasefire remains far from the horizon in Sudan. The international community must collaborate t...


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