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Aden Abdi

Conciliation Resources


Transnational Conflict and Policy Responses

Aden is the Africa Department Director at Conciliation Resources. He has over 14 years’ experience supporting and implementing governance and peacebuilding programmes in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia. Aden played a key support role in the peace mediation process between the Ethiopian government and the Ogaden National Liberation Front, which ultimately led to 2018’s Asmara peace agreement. He has previously worked with DFID, CARE International and International Rescue Committee.

Aden is a Research Lead, providing strategic input to Conciliation Resources’ West Africa and East Africa research strands on the XCEPT project.

Aden Abdi’s XCEPT research


4th May 2023
As part of PeaceCon 2023, Janet Adama Mohammed, Dr. Patta Scott-Villiers and Umar Abdullahi Eggi will present findings from research on changes in cro...


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