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Bader Al-Saif 

Carnegie Middle East Center

Bader Al-Saif  is a nonresident fellow at the Carnegie Middle East Center, where his research focuses on the Gulf and Arabian Peninsula. He is also assistant professor of history at Kuwait University. He is the founding president of Al-Saif Consulting, specializing in public policy research, education, women and youth empowerment, and inter-religious dialogue in the Middle East. He has held senior roles in both the private and public sectors in Kuwait. Bader holds a Ph.D. with distinction from Georgetown University, a master of education and a master of theology with honors from Harvard University, and a master of law with honors from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. 

Bader is a Research Lead for XCEPT at the Carnegie Middle East Center.  He leads research by the X-Border Local Research Network on Kuwait’s borders. 

Bader Al-Saif ’s XCEPT research

Research report

31st March 2021
Over time, the Kuwait-Saudi border has developed a unique, flexible approach of firm physical boundaries but open economic boundaries. This approach...


19th March 2021
Kuwait and Iraq have worked hard to rebuild bilateral ties. Resolving their maritime dispute as part of larger discussions could provide a model of di...


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