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6th June 2024
How the continued existence of transnational smuggling networks highlight current issues in addressing and tackling the drivers and sources of conflic...

Research report

25th April 2024
New research by David Mansfield and Alcis explores the extent to which the Taliban has concentrated power in the hands of Pashtun fighters and how the...


16th April 2024
In this interview, Dr Omar Mohammed discusses the Green Mosul initiative, which was launched by the Mosul Eye Association in 2021 and leaves a legacy ...


9th April 2024
Global trade and the transnational flow of people and goods can be negatively impacted by surging tensions or violence in fragile border regions. In t...


21st March 2024
XCEPT researchers from Chatham House discuss how the Sinjar region is ever-more entangled in regional conflicts, and consider what can be done to ensu...


21st March 2024
In Lebanon, the plotlines and entanglements portrayed on the small screen echo the truth of corrupt systems that work against the everyday Lebanese po...


27th March 2024
Join us on 27 March, 14:00 GMT to discuss changes to economic power in Afghanistan.

Photo Essay

14th March 2024
In 2023, Dr Inna Rudolf, Dr Craig Larkin, and Dr Rajan Basra visited Iraq to understand more about the dynamics of the reconstruction process and to f...


29th February 2024
On 29 February 2024, XCEPT partner Chatham House will hold a webinar focusing on Niger’s coup and regional security implications.


22nd February 2024
Why are current conflict trauma conditions in Lebanon so reminiscent of the past? The current tension between Israel and Hezbollah demonstrates how pr...


2nd February 2024
Tens of thousands of children currently live in dire conditions in Al-Hol camp in Syria – and there are concerns this makes them vulnerable to radical...


11th January 2024
Dr Cook talks to Dr Fiona McEwen about the different ways a child’s life can be impacted when a family member is involved in violent extremism.


4th January 2024
In a new episode of the Breaking Cycles of Conflict mini-series, XCEPT researchers Dr Craig Larkin, Dr Inna Rudolf, and Dr Rajan Basra explore issues ...


3rd January 2024
As conflict at Lebanon’s border with Israel continues to escalate, this blog explores how Lebanon’s legacy of war memory is shaping fears and response...


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