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Briefing paper

26th May 2020
National response to the virus has rapidly become a new factor in Sudan and South Sudan’s cross-border political economy.

Briefing paper

18th May 2020
The impact on the khat trade in particular is a good illustration of the economy’s regional and international connections, and the effects of anti-COV...

Briefing paper

29th April 2020
Coronavirus has caused import volumes into South Sudan to plummet by 50% – having profound effects on stressed food systems.


29th April 2020
Economies in the Middle East and North Africa are suffering from supply chain problems due to the coronavirus.


27th April 2020
In an interview, Ahmed Nagi discusses the dangers of the coronavirus in a country already facing a terrible conflict.


15th April 2020
Mindanao, despite its legacy as a strife-ridden region, is still known to us as the “Land of Promise.”


14th April 2020
Disasters and crises—floods, earthquakes, wars, and of course pandemics—shine an unforgiving light on society’s problems and tensions. As the Covid-19...


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