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Dan Seng Lawn

Kachinland Research Centre


Dan Seng Lawn is a passionate researcher, lecturer, and political analyst on political reform issues in Myanmar and Kachin State in particular. He has been an active participant in peace negotiations between ethnic armed organizations and national government. After completing his Master’s Degree in Politics from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India, he has been actively working as a researcher, lecturer and political analyst in Kachin State. Currently he is the director of Kachinland Research Centre, a leading think tank operating in northern Myanmar. Dan Seng Lawn has published several academic articles and books locally and internationally, most recently “Ethnicity and Great Power Politics: A Case of Transnational Ethnic Kachin of Myanmar and Singpho of Northeast India”, in Charisma K. Lepcha & Uttam Lal (eds) Communities, Institutions and Histories of India’s Northeast, Oxfordshire: Routledge.

Dan Seng Lawn’s XCEPT research

Research report

27th May 2022
A report by Kachinland Research Centre explores the political, economic and conflict dynamics along Myanmar’s northeastern border with China


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