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Jatin Dua

Rift Valley Institute

Jatin is a socio-cultural anthropologist based at the University of Michigan. His  research focuses on the East African coast, particularly land-sea networks in the Red Sea region, including studies on maritime piracy. In partnership with researchers from Puntland State University, he is the author of the report,Bosaso and the Gulf of Aden: Changing dynamics of a land-sea network.”

Jatin is a Researcher for XCEPT at the Rift Valley Institute.


Jatin Dua’s XCEPT research


30th April 2021
After six days stationary in the Suez Canal, the Ever Given was finally unstuck. While its name will soon become a piece of trivia about blocking one ...

Research report

2nd March 2021
In the Horn of Africa there is a dynamic interplay between land and sea that has shaped political, economic and social relationships.

Research report

22nd July 2020
This report is the second report in a series looking at the relationship between modern-day Puntland, a semi-autonomous region of north-east Somalia, ...


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