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Communities that sit in conflict-affected borderlands are often subject to a complex combination of cultural and geographical factors. XCEPT’s research into these conflict areas explores local governance, other influential actors, and the alternative institutions and strategies that borderland communities rely upon to protect themselves against violence and abuse. It also examines how economic transitions, markets, and trade are affected by changes in the social and political context of a borderland community.

Below you can find and download publications by XCEPT partners that investigate the unique contexts of conflict-affected borderlands.

Research report

22nd July 2020
This report is the second report in a series looking at the relationship between modern-day Puntland, a semi-autonomous region of north-east Somalia, ...

Research report

14th July 2020
In southern Syria, the regime, opposition, foreign powers, and local groups navigate a contentious zone of conflict. Any shift in this delicate balanc...


6th July 2020
Aid providers in the Horn of Africa have always struggled to adapt their systems and models to the simple fact that people move from place to place. D...


22nd January 2021
To discuss the Algerian-Tunisian border relationship, the Carnegie Middle East Center hosted a virtual panel discussion on Monday, June 22nd. The eve...


18th June 2020
The Yemen conflict has affected Saudi border areas and is changing the public’s thinking in the kingdom.


17th June 2020
The safe return of migrant workers from Thailand amid the pandemic has required an unprecedented degree of cooperation between the government and arme...


XCEPT Workshop: Local, People-Focused Policymaking

26th October 2022
Addressing securitization in conflict zones in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia


3rd June 2020
Syria’s conflict has transformed the conditions of tribal clan notables who have sought refuge in Jordan.


3rd June 2020
Turkey is altering the nature of Syrian border areas, perhaps presaging more far-reaching steps.

Research report

27th May 2020
Smuggling goods across the border between Algeria and Tunisia has created a parallel economy for marginalized border populations. Law enforcement and ...

Briefing paper

26th May 2020
National response to the virus has rapidly become a new factor in Sudan and South Sudan’s cross-border political economy.

Briefing paper

18th May 2020
The impact on the khat trade in particular is a good illustration of the economy’s regional and international connections, and the effects of anti-COV...

Briefing paper

7th May 2020
An exploration of mobility, hardship, and livelihoods among refugee families living in the camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.


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