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Enrico Ille

Rift Valley Institute

Enrico is a post-doctoral researcher with focus on political ecology. The main focus of his work centres around how extractive activities are embedded in and interact with their environment, especially in different areas of the Republic of Sudan. With the RVI, he is consultant researcher for studies on gold mining in Sudan’s borderlands, starting with research on historical and contemporary cross-border relations in the Blue Nile region (Sudan/Ethiopia/South Sudan) and the role gold extraction and trade have played in them. 

Enrico is a South Sudan Researcher for XCEPT at the Rift Valley Institute.

Enrico Ille’s XCEPT research

Research report

21st April 2021
This report focuses on the borderland region between Sudan and Ethiopia, using gold-mining and trade to examine transnational flows of people and comm...


19th October 2020
This is an interactive report on how individuals move and interact across borders and transnationally. The report summarises the outcomes of these di...

Briefing paper

23rd March 2020
This paper focuses on the impact that gold mining has had on labour relations in Blue Nile state.


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