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Briefing paper

7th May 2020
An exploration of mobility, hardship, and livelihoods among refugee families living in the camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

Briefing paper

29th April 2020
Coronavirus has caused import volumes into South Sudan to plummet by 50% – having profound effects on stressed food systems.

Briefing paper

21st April 2020
A story of preserving access to a valued variety of sorghum—ruath—by travelling into military occupied areas of Abyei.


10th April 2020
As the coronavirus spread around the world from China in February, the Kayin State Border Guard Force smuggled into Myanmar thousands of Chinese worke...

Briefing paper

4th April 2020
Discussion of how the movement of people and tubers is connected to changing marriage practices and the organization of family wealth.

Briefing paper

2nd April 2020
This account shows how Dinka women deployed the social and material capital of seeds under their control to manage the wider transitions experienced d...


Governing at the margins: A patchwork of policies and practi...

31st August 2023
Six years after the forced displacement of over a million Rohingya people from Myanmar, the day-to-day support required by Rohingya refugees and humanitarian actors in Bangladesh remains a challenge for the country’s government.

Research report

31st March 2020
The Iraqi-Syrian border near Qaim and Bukamal has become a magnet for conflict, as Iraqi and Syrian state actors compete with Iranian-backed nonstate ...

Research report

31st March 2020
Mahra in eastern Yemen has relied on a tribal code of conduct to escape the worst excesses of the country’s civil war. Localized forms of conflict man...

Briefing paper

23rd March 2020
This paper focuses on the impact that gold mining has had on labour relations in Blue Nile state.

Research report

19th March 2020
Traditional modalities of the aid industry are not fit for purpose in a world where transnationalism is a daily reality for communities.

Briefing paper

1st March 2020
Hussein Abdel Bagi’s appointment as the third Vice-President of South Sudan is an important building block for the Transitional Government of National...

Briefing paper

20th February 2020
This paper explains the significance of bread and sorghum in the political changes Sudan seen in 2019.


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