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30th August 2022
The capture of fertile agricultural land in Western Tigray and the eastern Sudanese Al Fashaga region sheds light on how profits from cash crops help ...


20th July 2022
As part of the Cross-Border Conflict Evidence, Policy and Trends (XCEPT) program, the X-Border Local Research Network held a report launch event to ex...


23rd March 2022
This blog is the first in a series published by the Rift Valley Institute to help understand the causes of the drought-related crisis in the Somali re...

Research report

12th January 2022
Mobility, opportunity and risk in Hargeisa, Somaliland.

Briefing paper

16th December 2021
This report considers what impact recent events may have on the Juba Peace Agreement and, more generally, peace and security in Sudan’s conflict affec...


1st December 2021
Ethiopia’s devastating civil war recently entered into its second year and, to achieve peace, both sides in the conflict need to accept some difficult...

Research report

30th November 2021
Trade, Taxes and Tensions explores how cross-border trade affects both cooperation and conflict between the states and state-like entities in the Soma...


20th August 2020
A focus on recent research on local populations’ everyday experience of transnational connectedness in the Horn and the implications for the aid and d...


20th March 2020
Interview with Eddie Thomas on his report, ‘Cash, Commodification and Conflict in South Sudan.

Research report

19th March 2020
Traditional modalities of the aid industry are not fit for purpose in a world where transnationalism is a daily reality for communities.


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