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Rajan Basra

King’s College London


Violent and Peaceful Behaviour

Rajan Basra studies the relationship between crime and terrorism. He focuses on the radicalisation of criminals, the use of criminal methods by terrorists, and the role of prisons in the crime-terror nexus and has presented his research at the United Nations, the European Council, and the European Parliament.

He completed his PhD in War Studies at King’s College London, and holds an MA in Terrorism, Security, and Society from King’s College London, and an undergraduate degree from the University of Warwick.

Rajan is a Research Fellow at King’s College London for XCEPT.

Rajan Basra’s XCEPT research


27th March 2023
At this event Dr Fiona McEwen, Dr Nafees Hamid, and Dr Rajan Basra offer up new perspectives on what can motivate someone to engage in terrorism, and ...


2nd February 2023
Are prisons really hotbeds of terrorism? Will the ‘ordinary’ young man entering prison be so influenced by his cell mate that he leaves a terrorist? O...


25th July 2022
Throughout the history of terrorism, few locations have impacted the evolution of terrorist campaigns as the jail cell. This post outlines some critic...

Research report

19th July 2022
Despite the importance of prisons to terrorist movements and the surge in the jihadist prison population in the Middle East, relatively little is unde...


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