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Fiona McEwen

King’s College London


Violent and Peaceful Behaviour

Dr Fiona McEwen is the XCEPT Survey Director. She is based at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), King’s College London, and is also affiliated with the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, King’s College London, and Queen Mary University of London.

Dr McEwen’s background is in developmental psychology, mental health, and neuroscience. Her research focuses on mental health in war-affected and displaced populations, including evaluation of psychological interventions, and how culture and the context of displacement impact assessment, treatment, and prognosis of mental health problems. She has also carried out research on neurodevelopmental conditions, including evaluating screening and diagnostic tools for autism and associated mental health conditions. Dr McEwen is a member of the INEE Measurement Library Reference Group, which aims to improve the measurement of educational, health, protection, and well-being outcomes in children and young people in emergency contexts.

Fiona McEwen’s XCEPT research


13th October 2023
By understanding the impact of conflict and violence in northeast Syria, informal education programmes can strengthen adolescent resilience to radical...


26th April 2023
Dr Fiona McEwen is the Survey and Interventions Director of the Cross-Border Conflict Evidence, Policy and Trends (XCEPT) research programme at King’s...


27th March 2023
At this event Dr Fiona McEwen, Dr Nafees Hamid, and Dr Rajan Basra offer up new perspectives on what can motivate someone to engage in terrorism, and ...


30th January 2023
In the first episode of their podcast mini-series, the XCEPT King’s College London team introduce their research and give us a glimpse of what’s to co...


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