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Kheder Khaddour

Carnegie Middle East Center

KhederKhaddour is a nonresident scholar at the Carnegie Middle East Center. His research centers on civil military relations and local identities in the Levant, with a focus on Syria.  Kheder’s most recent publications include “The Transformation of the Iraqi-Syrian Border: From a National to a Regional Frontier” (March 2020, Carnegie Middle East Center Paper, co-authored); “Localism, War, and the Fragmentation of Sunni Islam in Syria” (March 2019, Carnegie Middle East Center Paper); “Building from the wreckage: intermediaries in contemporary Syria,” in Local intermediaries in post-2011 Syria: transformation and continuity (Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, 2019). 

Kheder is a Research Lead for XCEPT at the Carnegie Middle East Center. He leads research by the X-Border Local Research Network on the Syrian borders. 


Kheder Khaddour’s XCEPT research


15th July 2024
Researchers working in borderland regions of Asia, the Middle East and Africa share their experiences and approaches to conducting fieldwork.

Research report

5th April 2023
Ongoing negotiations between Syria and Türkiye may change the outlines of their border regions. But they won’t alter the basic reality of cantonizatio...


2nd June 2021
Idlib is heavily dependent on the delivery of aid, the disruption of which would almost surely create a humanitarian crisis.

Research report

30th March 2021
The Iraqi-Syrian border continues to be geopolitically restless. Kurdish parties have taken advantage of central government weaknesses to increase t...


15th December 2020
Because of Covid-19 restrictions, researchers have had to find alternative ways of getting information.


2nd October 2020
Turkey is altering the nature of Syrian border areas, perhaps presaging more far-reaching steps.

Research report

8th June 2020
The Syrian-Turkish border has also allowed Turkey to play a greater role in Syria, fulfilling Turkish regional ambitions while also generating economi...

Research report

31st March 2020
The Iraqi-Syrian border near Qaim and Bukamal has become a magnet for conflict, as Iraqi and Syrian state actors compete with Iranian-backed nonstate ...


2nd September 2019
Albukamal and Qaim lie on a Syrian-Iraqi boundary that has had regional implications for decades.


22nd February 2019
The Syrian-Iraqi border has become a point of confrontation among regional and international powers.


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