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Transnational Flows

Violence and conflict spread across borders through flows of people, weapons, resources and goods along pathways that are often centuries old. Borderland communities, which frequently share social, linguistic and cultural ties, often are enmeshed in these flows.  XCEPT sheds light on the web of interactions that connect conflicts across borders and regions, sustaining both conflict actors and the communities coping with long-term instability.

Below you can find and download publications by XCEPT partners exploring transnational flows and cross-border conflict.

Research report

2nd March 2021
In the Horn of Africa there is a dynamic interplay between land and sea that has shaped political, economic and social relationships.

Research report

1st March 2021
This report by Verso Consulting unpacks the complexity of Pakistan’s border dynamics with Afghanistan by focusing research activity on three key bo...

Research report

20th November 2020
This report, prepared by the Afghan Center for Socio-Economic and Opinion Research (ACSOR), conveys findings through a qualitative analysis to unders...


11th November 2020
Pouring money into health infrastructure will have little effect if qualified doctors have few incentives to stay.


20th August 2020
A focus on recent research on local populations’ everyday experience of transnational connectedness in the Horn and the implications for the aid and d...

Research report

9th September 2020
This paper describes the ways that individuals and families living in refugee camps in Bangladesh cope with hardship and displacement.


Governing at the margins: A patchwork of policies and practi...

31st August 2023
Six years after the forced displacement of over a million Rohingya people from Myanmar, the day-to-day support required by Rohingya refugees and human...


27th July 2020
A lack of opportunities in Mon State has turned some migrants to smugglers to cross back into Thailand illegally.


23rd July 2020
As part of RVI’s ongoing project on the cross-border connections between Yemen and Somalia, the Institute’s partners at Puntland State University in G...

Research report

22nd July 2020
This report is the second report in a series looking at the relationship between modern-day Puntland, a semi-autonomous region of north-east Somalia, ...

Research report

27th May 2020
Smuggling goods across the border between Algeria and Tunisia has created a parallel economy for marginalized border populations. Law enforcement and ...

Briefing paper

7th May 2020
An exploration of mobility, hardship, and livelihoods among refugee families living in the camps of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.


10th April 2020
As the coronavirus spread around the world from China in February, the Kayin State Border Guard Force smuggled into Myanmar thousands of Chinese worke...


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