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29th April 2024
Researchers from across the Local Research Network gathered in Bangkok for a workshop hosted by The Asia Foundation.

Research report

19th April 2023
This report examines how cross-border tensions and interlinked crises in Ethiopia and Sudan jeopardize security and development in those countries and...

Research report

29th March 2023
This report explores how marginalised borderland communities in Sudan and Ethiopia are using regional inter-state tensions to negotiate support.


23rd November 2022
Across parts of Africa, conflict – both local and global – is compounding the negative economic effects of COVID-19, with price increases causing hard...


30th August 2022
The capture of fertile agricultural land in Western Tigray and the eastern Sudanese Al Fashaga region sheds light on how profits from cash crops help ...


1st December 2021
Ethiopia’s devastating civil war recently entered into its second year and, to achieve peace, both sides in the conflict need to accept some difficult...

Research report

16th August 2021
Unequal Adaptations considers how Little Ice Age (c1640-c1820) and the 1887 introduction of rinderpest can help us better understand the Horn of Afr...


23rd June 2021
Joint bulletin from the X-Border Local Research Network about recent research and activities from The Asia Foundation, Rift Valley Institute, and Malc...

Research report

21st April 2021
This report focuses on the borderland region between Sudan and Ethiopia, using gold-mining and trade to examine transnational flows of people and comm...


11th February 2021
As Egypt and Ethiopia negotiate the details of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, tensions are on the rise. Sudan, which has vested interest in the ...

Briefing paper

23rd March 2020
This paper focuses on the impact that gold mining has had on labour relations in Blue Nile state.

Research report

19th March 2020
Traditional modalities of the aid industry are not fit for purpose in a world where transnationalism is a daily reality for communities.


8th March 2019
African illegal migrants are entering Yemen in greater numbers, despite the ongoing war there.


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