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Conflict Dynamics

Conflicts in the Middle East, Africa and Asia intersect through flows of people, weapons and resources, creating intricate cross-border conflict systems. These knit the formal and informal, licit and illicit in ways that empower armed actors, enmesh conflict with crime and violent extremism, and ensnare local communities in the network of activities that sustain conflict. XCEPT research on conflict dynamics sheds light on these conflict systems, the transnational networks that sustain them, and how affected communities cope with protracted crisis.

Below you can find and download XCEPT research that helps shed light on these complex conflict dynamics.

Research report

29th June 2020
South Sudan is one of the hungriest places on earth – this report explains how reliance on regional grain markets is shaping its international relatio...


18th June 2020
The Yemen conflict has affected Saudi border areas and is changing the public’s thinking in the kingdom.


17th June 2020
The safe return of migrant workers from Thailand amid the pandemic has required an unprecedented degree of cooperation between the government and arme...

Briefing paper

16th June 2020
An examination of how experiences of conflict, displacement and mobility have changed what people in South Sudan grow and eat.

Research report

8th June 2020
The Syrian-Turkish border has also allowed Turkey to play a greater role in Syria, fulfilling Turkish regional ambitions while also generating economi...


XCEPT Workshop: Local, People-Focused Policymaking

26th October 2022
Addressing securitization in conflict zones in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia


3rd June 2020
Turkey is altering the nature of Syrian border areas, perhaps presaging more far-reaching steps.

Briefing paper

29th April 2020
Coronavirus has caused import volumes into South Sudan to plummet by 50% – having profound effects on stressed food systems.


15th April 2020
In an interview, Harith Hasan and Kheder Khaddour discuss their recent paper on the Iraqi-Syrian border.


15th April 2020
Mindanao, despite its legacy as a strife-ridden region, is still known to us as the “Land of Promise.”


14th April 2020
Disasters and crises—floods, earthquakes, wars, and of course pandemics—shine an unforgiving light on society’s problems and tensions. As the Covid-19...

Research report

31st March 2020
The Iraqi-Syrian border near Qaim and Bukamal has become a magnet for conflict, as Iraqi and Syrian state actors compete with Iranian-backed nonstate ...


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