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Research report

3rd September 2020
Along the border between Tunisia and Libya, informal trade agreements led to a tight-knit border economy. But political changes in both Libya and Tuni...


11th August 2020
The government’s experiment with live cattle exports upset the political economy in northern Shan State, where armed groups are heavily involved in th...


27th July 2020
A lack of opportunities in Mon State has turned some migrants to smugglers to cross back into Thailand illegally.


23rd July 2020
Local politicians in a border region known for its frequent outbreaks of violence hope to transform it into the “next Macau”, but will have to overcom...

Research report

22nd July 2020
This report is the second report in a series looking at the relationship between modern-day Puntland, a semi-autonomous region of north-east Somalia, ...

Research report

14th July 2020
In southern Syria, the regime, opposition, foreign powers, and local groups navigate a contentious zone of conflict. Any shift in this delicate balanc...


Governing at the margins: A patchwork of policies and practi...

31st August 2023
Six years after the forced displacement of over a million Rohingya people from Myanmar, the day-to-day support required by Rohingya refugees and humanitarian actors in Bangladesh remains a challenge for the country’s government.

Research report

29th June 2020
South Sudan is one of the hungriest places on earth – this report explains how reliance on regional grain markets is shaping its international relatio...


17th June 2020
The safe return of migrant workers from Thailand amid the pandemic has required an unprecedented degree of cooperation between the government and arme...

Briefing paper

16th June 2020
An examination of how experiences of conflict, displacement and mobility have changed what people in South Sudan grow and eat.

Research report

11th June 2020
Along the Egypt-Sudan border, tensions have been rising for several decades despite limited efforts at cooperation. Both countries need to reexamine t...

Research report

8th June 2020
The Syrian-Turkish border has also allowed Turkey to play a greater role in Syria, fulfilling Turkish regional ambitions while also generating economi...

Research report

27th May 2020
Smuggling goods across the border between Algeria and Tunisia has created a parallel economy for marginalized border populations. Law enforcement and ...


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