Despite the fallout of the July 2023 military coup that deposed Niger’s President Mohamed Bazoum and the imposition of sanctions by the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the Nigerien junta has continued to consolidate its power. As a result, the prospects for returning to democratic rule and resolving the security crisis in the Sahel remain grim.

The international community’s strong condemnation of the coup, most notably by France and the EU – the biggest development and security support contributor to Niger – was met with anger by the military leaders and led to the withdrawal of French counter-insurgency troops from Niger. The military leaders have subsequently also indicated that they will reverse the law on countering human smuggling to Libya.

Amid recent mediation efforts to return Niger to constitutional order, announcement by the military junta of their intention (along with Burkina Faso and Mali) of leaving ECOWAS, and broader instability in the region, this panel assesses how transnational conflict dynamics are likely to affect, and be affected by, developments in Niger, and the regional and international implications of the military leaders’ reversal of the anti-smuggling legislations.

At this webinar, panellists will discuss:

  • Prospects for Niger to return to constitutional order.
  • Transnational conflict dynamics in the Sahel.
  • Regional and international implications of Niger’s reversal of the anti-smuggling legislation.